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Caganer Local Police


The local police are closest to citizens and perhaps because of it, they often do not receive very good press. Their job however, goes much beyond writing traffic tickets and we should make an effort to remember that.

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(Made by hand)
Height: 11 - 12cm
Width: 5 cm

The Caganer is a likeable, well loved and respected figure in the typical Catalan Nativity crib. He is not meant as a jest, rather just the opposite, it is a type of homage to his/her personality, and the office and activity he/she represents.

After having an artistic representation of his personality worked on, plaster casts are made, and produced craftsman like from one to another to completion, then they are dried and oven baked, and then hand painted.

Over the years this figure has turned into a cult object of curiosity amongst many collectors.

For the new season, we will continue the Caganer theme by capturing persons from public life (politicians, artists, footballers, etc.)

Anna Mª Pla