Schoolchildren came to the Studio to be provided with a first-handed visit, being able to observe the process of elaborating the caganers and, at the same time, find out the story hidden behind this curious figure with more than three centuries of tradition. We also offer the children the chance to know, at their early age, how to elaborate the most singular and popular figure of the Catalan pessebre.

The standard maximum number of children per visit is 54. Those visits should be arranged in advanced from our Web by completing the following form.

Visits schools Visits schools


In order not to limit the visits to the scholar scope, we open our Studio's doors to everyone who looks forward to know the caganer's story and how they are hand-maded. Thereby, we make public the caganer's world, a figure that has turned into an inseparable element of the Catalan culture and tradition. The standard maximum number of people per visit is 54.

If you want to contact us, fill out the following form with your personal information and write down the remarks you deem appropriate.