Since this adventure got started, a great many customized caganers has been requested. FYI, the process to make each of them is long and completely handmade: firstly, the plaster figure is made from the ground up and then, through photographs, we carve the original figure. Later on, a negative must be created with silicone and, to conclude, a plaster mold is needed to pull out clay copies. At this point, caganers should be put in the oven and come out ready to be painted. A piece of cake, right?

This is the reason why we came up with four possibilities for you to customize our caganers —always depending on certain variables.

Customization of the pictorial finish of a caganer

Here, in this first option, we suggest you to choose a caganer from our catalog and add a touch-up paint that sets it apart, your own personal look.

Therefore, if you are part of a rugby, football or basketball team, football or basketball —to say the least— we can paint its shirt with a number and/or a name. Also, if you prefer a caganer depicting your job, some details related to your idea can also be added; who knows, maybe this specific detail or a few letters on the base will make it shine. Choices are plenty: contact us and we will be glad to listen to your project!

Execution time: One week.

Materials needed: front and back photographs to help us know how to paint it.

Cost per unit: € 30 + VAT

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Customization of the pictorial finish of a caganer + small retouching regarding ceramics

This second option offers the possibility of changing some easily modified details through clay; that is to say, to customize the pictorial finish of a caganer —as explained in the previous section.

Thus, you can choose any figure from our catalog and propose a small modification to bring the caganer closer to the figure you have in mind (of course, it includes changing the ceramic and the colors).

Execution time: two weeks.

Materials needed: front and back photographs to help us know how to paint it, as well as a brief description.

Cost per unit: € 60 + VAT

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Customization of the pictorial finish of a caganer in quantities greater than 50

Hey, our third option is only suitable for those highly addicted to caganers: good news, you now can fill your entire house with them! Just like our first section, here it is the possibility of customizing a figure with painting touches, providing a personal look —bearing in mind one single condition: the order shall exceed 50 caganers.

For instance, a sports team with a particular color or crest that would make the difference (whether rugby, basketball, football, handball, baseball, football, martial arts, golf, cyclist, runners, swimmers, castellers, etc.): call us and dress up the caganer with a name or a number. Another choice would be to modify a caganer and bring it closer to your job: don’t be shy, add your company's name on the base — or whatever you like.

Execution time: three weeks (depending on quantities).

Materials needed: front and back photographs showing how to paint, as well as a brief description

Cost per unit: € 6 to € 12 + VAT (it varies according to the quantity; in addition, if the size exceeds 13 cm, the price per unit also changes.)

*In the event that the piece in mind is not in our catalog, we would have to redesign, budget extra. Approximate cost between € 150 and € 300 (depending on the characteristics of the caganer)

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Total customization of a caganer

At long last: if none of the above is enough, there is still one chance: to create your own caganer from scratch. Come up with an idea and we take good care of it: a made-to-measure caganer (beware: the standard is around 13 cm, to give you an idea).

Imagination has no limits: there can be as many caganers as there are ideas. Take advantage of it and fill this tiny figure with accessories, that little something that will make everybody jealous.

The material we work with is extra hard plaster.

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